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Colic is a common ailment that affects a staggering number of infants at some point. As parents of colicky babies often find out, mothers, midwives, doctors and other health and child care professionals offer a wide range of solutions that may ease symptoms. In 2010, Handi-Craft Company, the maker of Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow products, and Central Medical Supplies, Dr. Brown’s exclusive distributor in the UK, commissioned a third party agency, Consumer Analysis Limited, to research the prevalence, cause and treatment of colic symptoms in the UK. The study involved talking to mothers and health professionals about this issue. Preferred treatments were divided with giving medicine, using massage and changing feeding bottles as top choices. When asked about changing feeding bottles as a method of relieving symptoms, 9 out of 10 healthcare professionals recommended Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow for colic relief, and 3 out of 4 mothers who changed their baby’s bottle to Dr. Brown’s reported an improvement in their baby’s colicky symptoms.

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