For Professionals

Parents often turn to health professionals for guidance on how to help their colicky baby. Understanding of the causes and cures differs greatly, and there is very little agreement amongst those who work with infants about what should be done to treat it. In order to get a better understanding of how health professionals diagnose and treat colicky symptoms in the UK, Consumer Analysis Ltd. asked healthcare professionals:

  • What they believe is most often the cause of colic in young babies.
  • If the difference between breastfeeding or bottle feeding has any effect on the chance of a baby developing colic.
  • If they feel any concern about giving medication to small babies to try and ease colic.
  • What would typically be their main suggestion to a mother whose bottle-fed baby is suffering from colic.
  • Which type of bottle they would suggest that mum try, if switching to a different type of bottle to alleviate colic.

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