For Parents

There is no known cure for colic, and the condition is often not well understood, as mum cannot see a reason why her healthy baby won’t stop crying. Additionally, mothers often do not know what to do about their baby’s colicky symptoms or who to turn to. In order to get a better understanding of colicky symptoms that mothers often encounter, how they are treated, and what appears to be working, Consumer Analysis Ltd. asked mums:

  • To describe the symptoms of colic in babies.
  • If their baby experienced colic.
  • If they felt concern about giving medicine to small babies to try and ease colic.
  • What bottle brand they used during baby’s early months and what bottle brand they were using if/when baby developed colic.
  • To describe their emotions and experience when their baby developed colic.
  • Where mothers turned for advice.
  • What mothers with colicky babies tried to relieve symptoms and if the symptoms improved.
  • If mum decided to switch bottle brands as a solution, which brand she switched to and if it was effective.

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